Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Orleans: Stanley

I have to first say a big thank you to my friend Shelley for all of her great recommendations of places to check out while I was done here. For dinner tonight, my colleague Braulio and I decided to try one out. The spot: Stanley. This is a very low key restaurant located in Historic Jackson Square. It over looks a pedestrian street and a park making it very cozy and quiet. The menu had a variety of breakfast options that are served all day, sandwiches, soup and salads and house made ice cream. I totally missed this on the menu, it is on my list for the next time I am down here. I ordered the Eggs Benedict Po’ Boy and Blood Orange Italian soda. Braulio order the soft shell crab po’ boy and we got a side of onion rings to split. I would defiantly recommend this spot, especially as a late night snack spot.

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