Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Orleans: Palace Cafe

First day in New Orleans, and after a brutal afternoon stuck in the hotel lobby cranking out some work I finally made it to lunch. I didn’t go far, actually just across the street to a place called Palace Cafe. It had great outdoor space, so my colleagues Katie, Kriston and I grabbed a nice table in the corner. The menu looked great. I decided to skip a salad, which I usually would have ordered and went for the andouille sausage, local shrimp penne in a mustard cream sauce. I know what you are thinking “that is a heavy meal for lunch” it was and it was delicious! When my dish arrived the shrimp had a face (thank goodness it was only one) after a brief tutorial on how to dismantle the shrimp we were in business. The shrimp were tender and succulent and the sausage was spicy. The sauce was a perfect combination of the mustard and cream. Other dishes that were order were the shrimp salad, all the shrimp in this dish had faces. Yikes. And the risotto, which looked good and got good compliments from the Kriston.

This was a good spot, a bit in the middle of the touristy area. I am not sure if I would recommend this place. The food was good, but there are better places off the beaten path that are far better.

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